Lovecraft’s Daughter available now in print and e-book

Lovecraft’s Daughter is a new collection of short stories and poetry by Amber LaShea Geislinger.

Excerpt from:  “My Swan Prince”

After that dream, every night I slept outside under the stars.  My companion would snuggle beside me on the nest of blankets.  We counted the shooting stars and fireflies.  Sometimes heat lightning would entertain us.  The moths that fluttered around the porch lights laughed at us.  Their gross little grizzly bodies clapped together eerily.  As the summer grew to an end, so did their numbers and we took this as an omen.  Moths are the hobgoblins of the winged world, being foretellers of endings in the way that butterflies signify beginnings.

Excerpt from:  “The Foreign Prince of Alfheim”

With that, Morrigan pulled him from her. “Walk into the sea.” Ewan had swam in the waters surrounding the keep his entire childhood. But this time was different. Morrigan parted the foam crested waves for Ewan’s footfalls as his human senses saw the tunnel in the near distance. The other side was invisible and as he approached the opening, Ewan paused, looking back to Morrigan but the sea had closed and a ringing began, a ringing that roared his consciousness into the depth of the tunnel until he was stumbling, then falling as the ringing grew to a terrifying crescendo. . .

Lovecraft’s Daughter is Amber LaShea Geislinger’s own original and re-imagined dark fairy tales. Her collection of short stories and poems is a Southern Gothic amalgamation of classic fairy tales, Celtic mythology, and American folktale. As a Tennessean, Geislinger uses the sultry setting of the South combined with the ethereal coastline of The British Isles to paint a world of twilight and faery.

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